Fondée en 1975, l’Association est une organisation sans buts lucratifs qui se propose d’encourager et de dèvelopper au Canada l’ètude sous tous ses aspects de la pèriode dite patristique, entendue au sens large (du IIe au VIIIe s. de notre ère). 

Since 1975, the Canadian Society of Patristic Studies has existed to promote and contribute to the academic study in Canada of the “church fathers”. The society meets annually as part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, which is held at a different Canadian university each year.

Membership is open to all who share the objectives of the Society. University faculty, students, and private scholars who work in the field are particularly encouraged to join. There is a fee for membership, which normally includes a subscription to the journal Sciences Religieuses / Studies in Religion.

Information on the 2023 Annual Meeting can be found here.

2023 Call for Papers/Appel de Communications is now available!

Information on our Student Essay Contest can be found here.

The latest bulletin is now available.

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